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Roel Wijland started his career at Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo and was a founding partner of innovative brand consultancy BSUR in Amsterdam. His PhD research project Poetic Brandscapes included a performative ethnography with New Zealand poets.

He is currently a lecturer at the University of Otago in New Zealand in its advertising specialisation. He has presented his views on poetics in marketing, and his poetry, at conferences in Europe and North America. He is the caretaker of The Brandbach, a collaborative digital platform for Scarfie advertising talent.

He previously organised the Heretical Consumer Research Conference on the San Francisco’s Waste Dump as part of the Material Poetics project. In 2013, the equally idiosyncratic Dunedin School of Art, and the Brandbach have joined for the Art and Money Symposium and exhibition.

He spends his weekends in a crib in Central Otago, New Zealand, the real location of the fictional University of St Bathans.


Contact Details

Roel Wijland
University of Otago
School of Business
PO Box 64
Dunedin 9054
New Zealand

tel : 00-64-3-4798411 

Previous Brutality


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